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November 9, 2015, 12:00 AM

A Matter of the Heart

An insightful devotional by Dan Wilt for worship teams grabbed my attention today. Here is an important exerpt everyone should find relevant:

"The next time you and I step on to a stage, stand behind a microphone, strap on our instrument, or rehearse our hearts out – we are only getting closer to achieving half of what is about to happen in the room during that worship set. The reality is, unless the community we lead in worship engages, finds their language of prayer in the songs and liturgies presented, and offers themselves to the community worship experience happening in the room that day, then our worship expression is only a show."

Yes, the band and singers offer worship from themselves, but the whole reason we (the worship team) are up there is to guide the congregation in worship. We are learning day by day to do that better. If you don't genuinely worship our Lord in the service, the praise team hasn't achieved its goal. You are only spectators. (And we're an amateur show)!

Worship can look like many things. It can be quietly sitting with your eyes closed listening to the words, letting them speak to your heart. It can be lifting your hands in praise, surrender, and testament of your own experiences. It can be smiling at the miraculous things you're singing about. It can and should involve prayer. If it's awkward for you during the weekdays, it'll be awkward on Sunday mornings! If hearing words of truth doesn't move you, maybe your passion and appreciation for the Lord are lacking. You could use the excuse that I have off and on used: I have a timid personality and am not an expressive person with most anything in life. But even a timid person shows "symptoms" of what is felt or desired beneath the surface. This week spend time being vulnerable with God and preparing/tendering your hearts for worship with your spiritual church family. Quiet times with God will help quite a bit! Let's please our Father with our praise!

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